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I’m so proud of all that we have achieved together in four years – but we are just getting started. Moving forward we double down on our efforts around student safety and mental health, student achievement, educators and school staff, fairness and opportunities for all, and transparency and accessibility. 

With your support, we will see historic achievements in these areas during Luisa’s second term. We have come a long way and we have a long way to go.


Student Safety and Mental Health

We will prioritize the root causes that have led us to a student safety crisis. We do this with a sense of urgency for more evidence-based social-emotional learning initiatives, increasing the number of counselors, family therapists, school psychologists, and other mental health professionals in our schools, and providing additional support to our newly created Department of Mental Health Services. We will tackle our ever-changing challenges in a rapidly evolving society — challenges like cyberbullying — by creatively working with community partners to serve the needs of every child.

Student Achievement

We will increase academic proficiency for all students with a focus on college and career readiness. We will capitalize on one of our greatest assets – our diversity – to accelerate the pace at which we become a world leader in educating students in multiple languages with a culturally-relevant curriculum.

Educators & School Staff

We will invest in the development, success, and retention of our educators. Our educators and school staff work hard every day. We will prioritize setting them up for success by providing the professional development and resources they need and the respect they deserve.

Fairness & Opportunities for All

We have made great strides to be a data- and opportunity-rich school system, but continue to observe inequities. We will prioritize the fair allocation of resources to all schools in South Dade so we all can live up to the promise of education to be the great equalizer.

Transparency and Accessibility

We will design systems with, rather than for, students, teachers, parents, and community stakeholders. Our parents and caregivers want to make informed decisions about their child’s education and we should provide them with the resources to do so, while creating a culture of excellent customer service and shared responsibility. We will utilize technology to join us together to ensure that all voices are heard.

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